3 Ways Refinished Furniture Is Better Than New

When you’re looking for furniture for your home or office, there are plenty of pros and cons of either going with a refinished piece versus a new one. Now, we know we might be biased, but we firmly believe that refinished pieces are usually superior. Here are a few points to back up our statement.


Not all refinished pieces are antiques but many of them are. This means that you can have the structure and history of a wonderful antique dresser with a modern or fun look that can match your home’s style. You can simply redesign a family heirloom or an expensive piece to make it work better for your needs while keeping the integrity of the furniture intact.


With a refinished piece, you can have all the creativity in the world. You can easily change the color of a chair, the hardware on a table, or both on a beautiful buffet. Each piece can be tailored to fit perfectly in a chosen room and there’s no limit to making that happen.


Many pieces of furniture can be refinished to perfectly fit your need. Any thrift store find, hand-me-down, or bargain brand piece can readily be turned into a refinished piece you’ll love. Not only will you save  money, but you can tailor your furniture to your style rather than settling on a more costly piece that’s just “okay.”

You may love the idea of refinishing a piece but just don’t have the time to do it. We can help! Come shop with us at Refinished Treasures in Claxton and you’ll find already refurbished pieces and have the ability to request a project from us.


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