Decorating Your Office


You spend about 1/3 of your day in your office. It’s basically your second home. But how homey does it feel? You likely have a desk, a computer, maybe a seating area, and a few decorations. That’s a great start but many people are more productive in environments that are comfortable and relaxing to them. It might be time to make your office look and feel less like an office and more like a comforting space of productivity. Here are a few things you can add to make the area more inviting.

Seating Area

Whatever business you’re in, you’ll probably entertain guests in your office from time to time. A small seating area in an open space is a perfect place for them to sit or wait. Having a couple of comfy chairs for them to relax in if you can’t meet with them right away is a great way to start their visit with compassion and comfort.


You may choose to leave your personal office walls bare to minimize distraction or fill them with beautiful wall art. Perhaps you want your lobby to really represent your brand with colorful images or your hallways to show your creative inspirations. Wherever in your office you choose to decorate, take the time to make it really “you.” Add paintings and flowers to invite customers, clients, or potential partners in and turn your own workspace into a productive and inspiring place with books and posters.

Conference Room

If your office has a conference room or a place where you frequently meet, it could probably use a spruce. Many conference rooms have the same table and chairs as every other meeting room in the country; change it up. A large dining room table with plenty of comfortable chairs will get the job done just as well with a much more casual vibe.

Your office is already your second home so why not decorate it as such.



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