Rearranging Your Home’s Furniture

rearranging living room furniture

When looking to spice up your home, it easy to think about getting all new furniture and starting from scratch but that’s not necessarily the way to go. You can turn your home into a brand new space with the furniture you already have just by doing some simple rearranging.

Living Room

You spend most of your waking hours at home in the living room so it can get old pretty fast. Your TV is probably in the center of a wall, couch centered opposite of it, with extra seating sprinkled around, and a coffee table in the middle. While this classic look may have been working for you up until now, there are ways to get creative in your living room to turn it into a fun new space.

It’s likely that your TV can’t be moved because of wires and plug-ins. This makes it so that you have to keep much of your other furniture pointed near it but try playing with the orientation of these pieces. Place your couch diagonally on one side of your TV with other chairs or settees on the other side of it. This leaves plenty of room in the middle for a coffee table and some room on the ends of your seating for accent tables or decor.


Your bedroom is designed to be the coziest room in your home and it’s likely that you’ve arranged it to be just that way. However, there are other ways to go about this, too. Symmetry will calm your mind and reduce anxiety to help you fall asleep faster for a better night’s sleep. This means that you should keep your bed in the middle of a wall with nightstands on either side and symmetrical artwork above. For other bedroom furniture like dressers of wardrobes, keep them centered and against a wall. This design doesn’t distract from sleeping well, allowing you a more restful night.

Play with your furniture layout and design what you like; no one else has to live with it but you. Take into account how others might arrange furniture but it all comes down to your own personal rearranging preference. Remember that you don’t need a whole new living room set or bedroom suite to renew your home. A small table or decor purchase could make a space brand new.



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