Slipcovers vs Reupholstery: Which is Right for You?

reupholstery vs slipcovers

If you have an older piece of furniture that has seen a lot of love, it may be looking a little worn lately. Does that mean you need to give it up? No way! You certainly don’t want to get rid of a piece of your family history. Your two best choices are to either use a slipcover or have it reupholstered. Let’s look at both options:


A slipcover is a fitted protective cover that may be slipped off and on a piece of upholstered furniture. Slipcovers are an easy and budget-friendly way to instantly transform a piece of furniture, whether you need to update worn-out seating or protect it from pets, kids, and stains. Slipcovers are usually made of cloth and can “slip” on and off of your chair. They may be removed for seasonal change, cleaning, moving, or storage. If you don’t want to mess with the actual piece itself, you can put one of these on top and the sofa will remain exactly the same. Before purchasing a slipcover, there are three things that need to be considered. These include the fit, measurement, and material. 


Sure it’s a little beaten up right now, but do you see its potential? We do here at Refinished Treasures! When you reupholster your chair, you totally change the exterior fabric or leather of it. You probably also want the buttons and zippers redone, if there are any. It makes sense to reupholster if your sofa is very high quality and has “good bones,” is a family heirloom, or if it is a valuable antique. It is also a good idea if you like to live very eco-friendly and don’t want it going to a landfill. Of course, reupholstery can also just be a fun hobby you decide to pick up!

How do you know if it can be fixed or which is the best way to do it? The choice is up to you and either way will breathe new life into your valued piece of furniture.


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